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The history of the Godin stove is foundational to the history of French stove making, and indeed to the history of domestic stove manufacturing as a whole. Before the era of cast iron [url=http://www.bengalsnflgears.com/Black-Andy-Dalton-Bengals-Jersey.html?cat=904]Andy Dalton Jersey[/url] , domestic fuel took on many forms from the open hearth fire to the clay or stone kiln.

Cast iron, a mixture of silica and carbon brought together by a process of heating and oxidation, can withstand heats of over 600 degrees Fahrenheit making it ideal for domestic fuel consumption. The work of Jean Baptiste Andre Godin (1817 1888), maker of the Godin stove, became the standard in nineteenth century stove making.

Godin锟絪 factory has produced domestic cast iron stoves since 1846. Godin figured out how to mass produce quality stoves using high quality molds and strong raw materials. Early stoves reflect the box stove design of the mid nineteenth century. The slim cylindrical design of Godin锟絪 later stoves is symbolic of the brand. Godin锟絪 stoves were frequently copied flooding the market with low quality replicas. The Godin stove is heavily patented.

In France Godin锟絪 cast iron stoves are only one part of his legacy. Because of his business strategies, Godin became a figure to know in French industrial relations. Godin offered his employees living wages or higher at a time of economic downturn [url=http://www.bengalsnflgears.com/Black-John-Ross-Bengals-Jersey.html?cat=954]John Ross Rush Jersey[/url] , hired from a small pool of people in one geographical area reducing turn over and improving employee reliability.

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