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Many professions (business [url=http://www.intermilanfcsshop.com/c-21-ivan-perisic-inter-milan-fc-jersey.aspx]Ivan Perisic Jersey[/url] , engineering, government, science, agriculture, social research [url=http://www.intermilanfcsshop.com/c-26-ionut-radu-inter-milan-fc-jersey.aspx]Ionut Radu Jersey[/url] , etc.) seek the possible factual basis for decision-making. In the absence of data on the statistical subject, a decision taken is just like leaping into the dark. Sampling is a neat procedure, where the fraction data is taken from a large set of data, and the inference drawn from the sample is extended to whole group.

Population & Census

A population is a group of experimental data, persons [url=http://www.intermilanfcsshop.com/c-5-geoffrey-kondogbia-inter-milan-fc-jersey.aspx]Geoffrey Kondogbia Jersey[/url] , etc. Census is the process of obtaining responses from each and every unit of the whole population or the universe. In a survey of the entire population, data is collected from every elementary unit of the population. Suppose, one is studying the wage structure of the coal mining industry in the country, then one approach is to collect the data on wages of every worker in the coal industry. From this data, one can calculate the various characteristics of the population [url=http://www.intermilanfcsshop.com/c-12-gary-medel-inter-milan-fc-jersey.aspx]Gary Medel Jersey[/url] , such as average wage, the range and the variance, etc. This is referred as census survey. Sampling involves a small portion of the population and therefore, would involve very few people for conducting surveys and for data collection and compilation. This would not be so in the census method and the chances of committing errors would increase.


Sample is a part of the population from which it is selected. The process of selecting a sample is known as sampling. Thus, the sampling theory is a study of relationship that exists between the population and the samples drawn from the population. The complete enumeration [url=http://www.intermilanfcsshop.com/c-35-gabriel-inter-milan-fc-jersey.aspx]Gabriel Jersey[/url] , popularly known as census, may not be feasible either due to non-availability of time or because of high cost involved. Therefore, it becomes essential to draw inferences for the population on the basis of sample information. Thus, sampling helps us to get as much information as possible of the whole universe. The sampling also helps us in determining the reliability of the estimates. This can be done by drawing samples from the same parent population and comparing the results obtained from different samples.

Types of Samples

There are different ways of choosing a sample, that is [url=http://www.intermilanfcsshop.com/c-27-fredy-guarin-inter-milan-fc-jersey.aspx]Fredy Guarin Jersey[/url] ,

  1. Probability sampling: in which each sample has the same probability of being chosen.
  2. Purposive sampling: in which the person who is choosing the sample is who tries to make the sample representative, depending on his opinion or purpose, thus being the representation subjective.
  3. No-rule sampling is take a sample with no rule, being the sample representative if the population is homogeneous and have no selection bias.

We will always use probability sampling, because in case we choose the technique [url=http://www.intermilanfcsshop.com/c-30-ever-banega-inter-milan-fc-jersey.aspx]Ever Banega Jersey[/url] , it assures that the representative sample and we can estimate the errors for those sampling. There are different types of probability sampling: • Random sampling with and without replacement. • Strati?ed sampling. • Cluster sampling. • Systematic sampling. • Other types of sampling techniques.

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